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Bio: Cheryl Heller is Chair of the new Masters Program at the SVA, Design for Social Innovation, the founder of Heller Communication Design, and Board Chair of PopTech, a laboratory for disruptive innovation focused on technology and social change. She is a pioneering communication designer and business strategist, and has twice been nominated for the Cooper Hewitt National Design Award for Communication Design.

Cheryl has been a core faculty member for the PopTech Social Innovation and Science Fellows, mentoring the most exciting social entrepreneurs in the world as they create and scale new models for solving issues around poverty, water, healthcare, energy, and conservation, often through the use of technology.

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Her work in many facets of design as well as advertising, branding, marketing, and writing has given her experience and perspective on every aspect of social innovation from inspiration, creation, incubation, and implementation within the corporate world, non-profits, and foundations.

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